About Tracey Jean

“Inspiration comes in waves or sometimes it’s a flash.

I add the thought to the media and see what is imagined”

Hello everyone in the artistic world! Art, music, and inspiration for the soul is how I feel every time I paint or display other artists with the same connection. I started sketching and painting when I was 14.  Made my way through growing and learning in art school and applied my life and adventures on the East Coast of New England to my paintings.  A lover of athletes and the landscape of the beautiful Mountains and Lakes I draw my inspiration from things I have seen and visited and experienced firsthand. Also, I am driven intellectually by History and Historic facts and images from New England cities and towns. I feel that the same thing that draws people to look for inspirational paintings is the same draw artists have that create them. It’s not just to paint or create something, it’s to have it link to the soul. Music and Art are a direct inspiration for all of us.

I have had the privilege of Living in Alton Bay NH and experienced  Hiking, Camping, biking,  skiing, and photographing so many great places from Update New York, Georgia, Canada, Maine, and the entire East Coast all the way to Florida! Lighthouses, explored! Trails, Hiked!  Mountains peaked. People met! Connections, made! Memories, Saved!

Welcome to Tracey Jean and Thankyou for visiting my creations!

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Mind to Canvas

If you do this, something will change, what will change is that you will change, your life will change, and if you can change you, you can perhaps change the world.

  • My paintings are an extension of my thoughts. Do I want to be a Mermaid, Yeah, so I make that my subject of the art you see.
  • We live in an era of cheap and throw-away lifestyles. My art is about the world we live in, past and present, sharing to generations to come. May we share something to the future generations to come. 
  • In doing collections, painting is a non-stop dialogue between me and canvas. I never like to think that I create works for a particular person or even myself. I let the brush and the paints connect to my thoughts as they move across the board.

Be A Positive Force To Others

Being a positive example and someone who looks for the good around me I hope my work expresses my experiences.


Art is and brings out the passion in myself and I hope in others and I create to bring joy like my BFF. 


Over the years I have learned that what is important to me and expressing my values in everything I do.


Of all the values I cherish the most is happiness. My works are about my happy place and sharing with you. 


Finally, as with all things creative, we need to focus on creativeness. The ability to express oneself. 

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TJ Team


TJ Team


TJ Team